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Plain Washer

Plain washers made of brass have excellent corrosion resistance and offer electrical conductivity. They are used in electrical, plumbing and automotive applications. These reliable and versatile components are constructed to withstand water and chemical exposure.

Brass Bolt

Buy from us bolts made from brass in different sizes to suit your project requirements. These are used in automotive, electrical and plumbing applications because of their durability, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and low friction coefficiency.

Brass Screw

Explore the range of brass screws available in designs, like round head, pan head, counter sunk head, raised head, etc.. These can also be availed in desired lengths, threads, finishes and coatings. The screws are usually used in woodwork, electrical, plumbing, and automotive applications. 

Machine Screw

Have a look at our range of machine screws available in mild steel, brass, steel, copper and other materials. The customers are free to choose the size, length, threads and finishing of these screws. Get in touch to get these screws customized for your next electronic, machinery, construction or any other project.

Sems Screw

Contact us to buy sems screws for your automotive, electronics, construction, aerospace or any other applications. These screws are versatile and provide benefits, like easy installation and secure fastening. These screws can be availed in desired materials and sizes. 


Brass Rivets

Fasteners like rivets made from brass are used in furniture, leather work, automotive and many other applications for joining two or more work pieces. These brass rivets are durable and resist corrosion. These reliable and versatile fasteners are known to create a strong joint

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